Mixers are used to mix the various suspensions, emulsions, solutions, different consistencies, from liquid or viscous to pasty pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic, food products. The equipment has the ability to handle the masses with solids.

Mixers for liquid, viscous and pasty products

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Mixer - equipment for mixing liquid, viscous, paste-like products, is a stainless steel vessel equipped with a heat-insulated steam-jacketed. The bottom of the tank - cone. Heating elements which serve to preheat the water in the jacket, installed on the bottom of the container. In the presence of an external steam source provides connection for its supply.

The uniformity of the mixing process provides - removable wing (frame or anchor - agreed in order) to the drive.

To download the hatch is provided in the cover of the working capacity to unload - the valve located at the bottom of the cone-shaped. If necessary, discharge of viscous products or supply to another level is provided with a valve manifold for supplying compressed air to the top of the silo. In the basic version - all the details of the mixer into contact with the product are made of special stainless steel (depending on the client's needs agitator can be made of steel of various grades).

If necessary, the mixer can be equipped with:

- A high-speed impeller - for breaking lumps of the product with stirring;

- A pump for pumping the product conduit for re-mixing, or for delivery to the next operation;

- Chastotnikom - to adjust the speed stirrer or impeller;

Temperatures and mixing time are set on the control panel.

Properly designed structure ensures rapid mixing and uniformity of the mixing process.

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